About Furnas Lake Villas

Get to know more about the business and the family running it

Built by Manuel and Helena’s architect brother-in-law, Fernando Monteiro, and set in the mystical volcanic Furnas basin, the 10 modern villas are made from locally grown Japanese cedar wood, the trees having been introduced to the islands 200 years ago.  Inspired by local rustic granaries, that were purposely  raised above the humid ground, the rectangular shaped villas are set on a series of low concrete pillars above a cooling , reflective pond.

The concept  was elaborately discussed between the owners and the architect, focusing on all details that makes the resort stand out architecturally, but at the same time creating a stunning blend with the beautiful surroundings. The interior design also follows the minimalistic Scandinavian style through simplicity, attractiveness and functionality. Neutral colours, large south facing windows, a contemporary fireplace in the living area, a fully equipped kitchen are just some of the elements that stands out of the traditional Portuguese design trend.

According to UP Magazine, Furnas Lake Villas is one of the boldest tourist and architectural projects on the Island of Sao Miguel.

It’s a 10 minute drive from the villas to the closest beach and golf course. Guests can also hire mountain bikes and explore seemingly endless grounds, or you can be guided by Manuel to the bird watching hide and incredible views of the island and the ocean. Diving, whale watching and horse riding on secluded beaches are also an offer – how romantic!

“A feast for the eyes and a balm for the senses, this place  is like an anti-stress pill. A unique refuge. Furnas Lake Villas is a daring project that turned an old cattle farm into a wildlife sanctuary. The 103 hectare property includes carefully tended gardens and dense woodland. There are a number of hiking trails, a saltwater pool and a small stable. Accommodation comprises modern bungalows inspired by traditional Sao Miguel corn shacks built on stilts.”


“Furnas Lake Villas was born as our family project.

The property where FLV is included, belongs to Manuel’s family for generations. Manuel at age 16 began to create dairy cattle, initially with his parents and siblings, later by himself.

Helena graduated in Biology and made gardening and botany, beekeeping and cooking her hobbies

The years passed, from dairy cattle we went to beef cattle, from beef cattle into forest, we created an active tourism company and two daughters were born. But one thing always still the same, our love for Nature, adventure and farming.

We wanted to create something sustainable, we wanted it not just be something that was taken or produced of the land, but instead to keep it and help to protect and preserve the environment and ecosystems in which we belong.

We join all that we liked, our family, our farm, our garden, our flowers, the taste by farming, and architecture and design, comfort and tranquility, and so we created Furnas Lake Villas.

Our mission is to give everyone a sensory experience, from the sights, the smells of flowers and soil, the garden texture to the palate of flavors from our own farm, honey, jams and the “cozido”.

In these past 10 years, we welcomed several people from so different corners of the world, which undoubtedly left their mark, inspired us and motivated us to do more and better and to continue to share with the world the very best that Furnas Lake Villas has to offer.

We hope you also take a bit of us too.

Manuel, Helena, Maria and Mariana”